This workshop overviews key literature on the influence of power in supervision, locates power within a competency-based approach and the Board’s supervision policies and procedures,  introduces tools to help supervisors to reflect on and address power within the supervisory relationship, and then leads participants through experiential exercises to consolidate learning into everyday supervisory practice.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of the webinar workshop, participants will be able to:

Describe how addressing power fits within a competency-based approach to supervision and the Board’s supervision policies and procedures

Describe tools to reflect on and address power in the supervisory relationship

Demonstrate use of tools to address power in supervision via pair and small-group exercises

Demonstrate alliance building and maintenance skills in supervision via pair and small-group exercises

Describe how to conceptualise power within the supervisory relationship in order to promote safe and effective clinical supervision.

Demonstrate use of feedback and measures to help manage power and promote safe and effective supervision


The webinar workshop is conducted in one day or two half-day formats (maximum of 20 attendees, 7 hours CPD), and utilises adult learning principles:

Pre-reading of key materials and preparation of reflective material on participant’s own power

Discussion of participants workshop goals and relevant previous experience

Interactive didactic presentation of evidence-based content

Small group discussions of key concepts

Live and video demonstrations

Experiential exercises via break-out rooms

Larger group reflections of key content and learning from exercises


Psychologists wanting to update their Psychology Board of Australia Board-Approved Supervisor status need to meet each of the three criteria below to be issued with a Certificate of Competence for the Board.
Other practitioners will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance for Continuing Professional Development, regardless of whether they complete the below evaluation.

There are three (3) methods of evaluation to help participants to consolidate workshop materials, and to ensure that participants have demonstrated competence:

Demonstration of reflective practice via self-reflection on power (pre-workshop task)

Demonstration of reflective supervision skills (via experiential exercises in workshop)

Demonstration of knowledge via achieving at least 80% on a post-workshop multiple-choice assessment task (10 questions)

9:00am – 4:30pm, Wednesday 20th March 2024


Workshop Cost: $330*

(includes: Workshop materials)


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