This workshop reviews the basic components of supervision, locates reflective practice within a competency-based approach, establishes a clear frame for reflective practice, outlines methods for providing feedback in supervision, and then leads participants through experiential exercises to consolidate learning into everyday supervisory practice.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Describe the principles underlying reflective practice within a competency-based approach to supervision

Demonstrate establishing a frame and role induction for reflective supervision

Describe tools for providing feedback in supervision based on best-evidence

Demonstrate alliance building and maintenance skills in supervision

Demonstrate providing reflective supervision, including mindful consideration, consolidation and providing feedback


The workshop utilises adult learning principle:

Pre-reading of key readings and preparation of reflective material from participant’s own supervisory experience (one page Notable Incident)

Discussion of participants workshop goals and relevant previous experience

Small group discussions of key concepts

Interactive didactic presentation of evidence-based content

Live demonstrations

Experiential peer group activities

Larger group reflections of key content and learning from exercises


There are three (3) methods of evaluation to help participants to consolidate workshop materials, and to ensure that participants have demonstrated competence:

Demonstration of reflective practice via preparation of Notable Incident from supervision

Demonstration of knowledge via achieving at least 80% on a post-workshop assessment task (6 questions)

Demonstration of reflective supervision skills and attitudes via achieving at least 80% on the Leeds Alliance in Supervision Scale from a peer following an extended experiential exercise

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Workshop Cost: $330*
 (includes: workshop materials)

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Terms and Conditions

Customer Service Processes:

Payments will be taken using Credit Card (via PayPal), with an email to confirm payment and official receipt. Invoices can be issued for those participants who require them. Workshop bookings will only be confirmed once full payment has been received.

Cancellation Policy:

Our cancellation policy is 100% refund if more than 45 days notice, 75% refund if more than 21 days notice, 25% refund if more than 7 days notice, and no refund if less than 7 days notice. Refunds are made within 7 days of notification. Transfer of the place to a colleague is permissible with written application prior to the workshop date. Workshops may need to be cancelled if there are insufficient numbers in which case 100% refund will be given. The cancellation policy is clearly stated on the registration form and applications are only accepted if the applicant ticks the box to agree that they have read and understood them.


Masterclass completion certificates will be emailed following the workshop to all participants. Supervisors who require a competence certificate for AHPRA to fulfil CPD requirements will need to demonstrate competence in supervisory practice through scoring at least 80% on the assessment task (multiple choice quiz). Opportunities to resubmit will be provided until participants score at least 80% on the re-submitted assessment task. Some workshops also require participants to email a reflective exercise that is retained by RST in a password-protected electronic file for audit purposes.

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