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The Reflective Supervision Team evolved in 2017 following decades of research and practice in clinical supervision by Dr Daphne Hewson.  The team is committed to providing workshops that embody and model reflective practice at its best.

Our aim is to provide high-quality evidence-informed training that develops knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for ethical, effective and skilful clinical supervision, and that locates reflective practice at the heart of competency-based clinical supervision.

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Feedback and Reflective Practice in Supervision

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Psychology Board requirements for supervisors (2018)

Psychology Board details about Board-approved training (2018)

Form to complete to retain endorsement as Board-approved supervisor (MBAS-76) 

Australian Association of Social Workers – Supervision standards (2014)

Australian Counselling Association – Policy Document of Professional Supervision (2013)

American Psychological Association - Guidelines for Clinical Supervision in Health Service Psychology (2014)

Reflective Practice in Supervision


Address:   P.O. Box 807
                Thirroul NSW 2515

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